xSite Updates: the Lists

…a detailed record of the updates, additions made to the site…

its lengthy but it helps us keep accurate records to other lists and to see where we have left off

Dec 2012 updated a bunch today

NEW Pages
Birds of a Feather by chicpea (12/12 ch32)
Where life will take me by pronssisadetta (11/12 c12)
Everything’s Not Lost by makesmyheadspin (8/12 c79)
The Playground by makesmyheadspin (12/12 ch45)
True Calling by js1280 *a sequel (10/12 ch6)

NEW Posts
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly by elfchef -C
Torn To Shreds by QueenOfAreaFive aka VampQueenV -C
Just to hear her voice by pronssisadetta (1shot)

Pages Updated
by QueenOfAreaFive / VampQueenV -ALL
Immortal Love (8/12 ch17)
The Darkness Within (8/12 ch5)
a Marriage of Inconvenience (12/12 ch19)
– Who Wants to Live Forever by Wylis (10/12 ch17)
Dead Silence by uncreativefanficwritername (12/12 ch25)
Taken by kjwrit – (12/12 ch21)
Howl at the Moon by CaralinaGirl96 (10/12 ch7)
The Trait by J.R. Watkins (10/12 ch25) ****unfinished

Post update
Blood Buzz by makesmyheadspin (10/12 ch23)**** unfinished
Vampire Bait by yerelly (-C 12ch)

page to post
Chains That Bind by gibletthegreat *updated 11/12 Removed for publication
Immortal Beloved by All About Eric -C 75ch
Switched by My Secret O (-C 21ch)


2/1/13 Today’s Updates 

NEW Pages
Secrets That We Keep by kjwrit (1/13 c19)
In the end by Kittyinaz (1/13 c18)

NEW Posts
First Vacation by skarsnix (2/11 c11) Unfinished
Dead on New Years by Missus T (-C 22ch)

Pages Updated
An Elegant Death by InLoveWEric (12/12 c48(45))
Funny Thing About Love by CreativeSplash (E/G/S) WIP 8/12 ch29
The Trait by J.R. Watkins (12/12 ch26)

Posts Updated

Pages to Posts transfers..
by missie12 (FRL S) includes: Captive Heart, To End My Life, How to Save a Life


/ /13 Today’s Updates 

NEW Pages

NEW Posts

Pages Updated

Posts Updated

Pages to Posts transfers..


  1. oops.. been posting the info on the https://ilovemysteries.wordpress.com/recs-more/read-list-updated/titles-to-list/ page…. will fix that soon… a lot of page updating to do… but i will begin with the current fics that i am watching and reading…

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