Not From Here by Roux Roux 5/13 ch98 *fav 8/13

Not From Here by Roux Roux  TB Updated: 10-25-11 ch96 ATM (has LJ account too) *original note 
read 2010

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Not From Here by Roux Roux

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TV Shows » True Blood – Rated: M – English – Adventure/Romance – Eric N. & Sookie S. – Reviews: 1,351 – Updated: 12-14-11 – Published: 03-31-10 – id:5857667

Summary: Sookie and Eric find themselves dragged through another dimension into a strange and scary world occupied by strange new races, and where humans are considered low lifes and slaves and vampires consider nothing more then animals. Completely on their own Sookie and Eric have to work together to find their way back to their own reality, but along the way they discover a horrible plot set in place to keep two nations waring and certain races repressed in the most cruel of ways. It’s up to Eric and Sookie to save the day, but to what risk of their relationship.

—Warning spoiler notes below—

Notes: (set after events of TB S2 but before Bill disappears…Sookie and Eric get sucked into a strange and scary world and must work together to find a way home.)   *Reminds me of an old Angel season*

ch1-87 basically a portal opens at Sookie’s house taking Eric and Sookie to another world where humans are slaves to a race of Blue people ‘Urah-tan’, vamps are pets and the land is cursed, they are separated, Eric is captured and used for blood & force-fed rats, and is about to be sacrificed…Sookie is taken into slavery and marked on her butt with a number, then sold, she runs from her master, who tried to sell her favors, and meets lieutenant Lion, causes a slave to be killed, though she was just trying to help, her gift is found out, she is tortured, then made queen, she saves Eric from being sacrificed…Eric becomes Sookie’s pet and has to wear neck/wrist cuffs… they share blood and have become intimate, now they are trying to marry her off to produce an heir…  Sookie’s telepathy is expanding and she is trying to get past the shielded mind of the blue men to find their way home by magic… Sookie goes to church has to leave Eric behind; someone tries to break in to her room… Jen-Ella sent a slave to find something to blackmail Sookie with so she could have Eric… E/S talk about the curse and what is next… 87 chap. So far… 



 *4-05-11 ch90 [though it should be 92 author took down 2 chapters that were A/N so all ch will be 2 behind.] Ball…Sookie Eric back in her room Eric dance w/her then makes love with her, tries to tell her in words that he loves her, she stops him, they both go to their own beds and feel frustration and cry…

*4-05-11 ch91 Parade is attacked by humans in a machine… Kids rescued from a building…Sookie is hurt while saving the children Eric comes to her aid and gives her blood to heal…

*5-31-11 ch92 Sookie is saved, has confrontation w/del lion about her/Eric relationship & past… Sookie invades Del lions mind then agrees to tell him her secrets… Now knowing the truth del lion says he can protect her better, and asks her help to find Lori [his missing love]…

6-08-11 ch93 Eric Sookie question a rebel leader who’s being held hostage

*8-19-11 ch94 Eric Sookie get away safely from the prisoner, sex in alcove, Eric upset Sookie keeps taking such risks, Sookie saw a city in ruin. Prisoner escapes. Sookie had weird dream & awoke bearing the skinned knee, and headache. Eric is still keeping their blood bond a secret from her, and struggles with his feelings.

10-25-11 ch95 Sookie & Del-Lion, Ber-Heim discuss strategy to focus the people on the escaped prisoner instead of her drinking Eric’s blood to live. Eric wants Sookie to use her telepathic ability to ‘glamour’ Del-Lion, or kill him to protect them, Sookie refuses. Duke Fara-More comes to call on Sookie, his intentions to wed her obvious and makes Eric furious. Eric cuddles up to Sookie’s legs from his place on the floor beside her, making the noble women curious about the behavior and Jen-Ella’s jealousy increase. Sookie agrees to think about his proposal and returns to her rooms. Sookie frustrated with Eric’s ‘your mine’ behavior states they’re just fuck buddies, Eric takes her to bed, her slave enters and tries to keep Captain Mil-Dore  & hi guards from entering the bedroom, Sookie wasn’t paying attention and neither was Eric (since he was caught up in the fear of loosing her, and the felling of being with her). Captain Mil-Dore now has all the ammunition against the queen he needs.

12-14-11 ch96 Sookie deals with fallout from being caught with Eric. Sookie reads Del Lions father (who seemed sad and agitated) for info on Lori and now has to travel to the sun fields to uncover more. Accompanied by Del Lion & leaving an upset Eric behind for his safety.

02-25-12 ch97 Sookie doesn’t like having to leave Eric behind in Jane Ella’s care but she ha son choice age needs to go with Del lion to the sun fields. They arrive to learn lorie died. In child-birth. A daughter who looks just like her mother – and resembles Sookie- remains. The child has del lions eyes. -Epov- Eric doesn’t like being separated from Sookie no matter how long, though he respects her sense of honor. and he despises being in Jen Ella’s care. Eric keeps out of Jen-Ella’s grasp until she gives up and takes her vampire pets to bed. Danielle comes in to do some cleaning sees how sad Eric is and decided to take him with her for a walk. she leads him through a tunnel into the kitchens, once the commotion from his appearance settles down he helps them with their tasks, peeling potatoes, lifting heavy items… Danielle takes him back to jen-ella’s apartment, Eric pleads with his eyes for Danielle to stay with him, she tries to reassure him that Sookie will be back soon, Jen-Ella sees Danielle touch Eric. Danielle defends Sookie to Jen-Ella. Jen-Ella tells her vamps to attack, Eric stands in front of her defensively.

***usually a couple months between updates… but there haven’t been any updates since February and its December, so I left feedback to try and contact writer…  left feedback there today 12/11/12 “i still love this fic and hope you update soon. i have followed your work for a long time and continue to support this work i would love to know where to see current chapters if you post in multiple areas, and i will check back often to see where your muse takes us next. i am glad that you didn’t scrap this after all the FF and hope the new site becomes a good home for u to continue your works. till next time marie”***

***UPDATED at Archive Of Our Own :*** 

05-28-13 ch98 Eric protects the slave. Vaughn helps her her out of the room and tells her to get help before returning to his bed. Eric has to kill the attacking vampires because they won’t stop. Slave runs into the head Slavs and they get the captain bier Heim to help them. The attacking vampires are killed. Eric and Vaughn are taken into custody. Vaughn helped in hopes that he could gain favor with the queen. Eric turns his thoughts inward and misses Sookie. Meanwhile Sookie is dealing with a drunk del lion. Who is upset about the turn of events and has no idea what to do about it. Sookie exhausted falls asleep missing Eric. Spoke is disturbed by a dream in which she believes Eric is teasing her but it feels off. The same white eyed boy that had tormented her in her other dreams was back. He calls her names and morphs into Eric’s shape and voice, but Sookie can tell he’s not Eric.  She screams no and tells herself she won’t she Eric that way, the boy screams and then laughs saying she has power. Sookie wakes, vomits then finds evidence of her dream as her scraped up knees.



*Thoughts & Reviews – Extra Notes / PM’s

i had reviews prior to ch87… but FF doesn’t keep them all…so i am lucky to have found these…

12/13/10 . chapter 87 that Jen-Ella is gonna be a pain… wonder what their next step is gonna be

Not From Here, Ch 89 2011-04-18 2011-06-08
hmmm for some reason it claims i have already reviewed chapter 90 o well i will review here then 🙂 its for 90 not 89.i was blown away… i understand she may not be ready but still she shouldn’t have stopped him they both know what he was going to say now its just going to make things rough… and set a gap between them… awww poor Eric n Sookie me thinks there is chaos afootloved the chapter as always cant wait for more 🙂
Not From Here, Ch 90 2011-04-05 2011-06-08
OMG so so so glad you are back to writing and you didn’t miss a beat. loved the chapter, was very excited to see an update in my inbox i actually read chapter 90 last night and 91 today i was very surprised that Eric was showing how he feels and found an Eric way to help for her and his reasons perfection. I also enjoy the view in which you write from.
Not From Here, Ch 91 2011-04-05 2011-06-08
lol me again i wanted to post my thoughts about ch91. i am curious as to how the plot will progress from here.. I like the character line up… and hope we see more of Vaughn and what he has to say about vampire living conditions. I wonder if Vampires even know about glamour or if the Urah-tan’s can be glamoured? maybe this is why they are ‘bred’ in captivity? I also wonder if they will think of marrying Sookie off to Lieutenant Del-Lion replacing the choice of Duke Fara-More… then i am still curious as to where the son of the guy that died and the animals at the temple is and what role they will play (i wish i could remember his name)and so many other little plot teasers that are in there like the human team that lives underground)i tried to look back quickly to get names but all it did was raise even more thoughts and curiosities :)definitely will be re reading 🙂
Not From Here, Ch 92 2011-05-31 2011-06-08
wowza … its a whole new ball game … I love this story I am so glad you are still writing it ;]hope no one overheard their talk, and that sookie can help him find his lori ;] and what’s to happen with the children and the captain that was w/themuntil next chapter ill be waiting paitently
Not From Here, Ch 93 2011-06-09 2011-06-08
wowza… could more magic be the cause? hmmm very nice chapter
Not From Here, Ch 94 2011-08-19 2011-08-19
glad to see another chapter ;p. can’t wait to see what is revealed about the ruined city, the rebals, sookies weird dream. not to mention how she’ll help dellion find his love, or if the slave man takes his revenge for his fathers death & what those creatures are.. also curious about what is happening back in bon tempsthank you for the update.
Not From Here, Ch 95 2011-10-29 2011-10-25
wow. they got caught up and now they are truly cooked… Danielle was brave… can not wait to see the outcome of this situation

12/17/11 . chapter 96 fantastic new chap… cant wait for more as usual… Happy Holidays

Not From Here, Ch 97 3/1/12 2/25/12
what a come back chapter, nice to see u again ;p I enjoyed this chapter, we got some closure on del-lion’s love, only to find more mystery in the form of a look-a-like child with lilac eyes. then we get a vengeful jen-ella, and eric protecting danielle te slave girl, from jen-ella’s pet vamps… I can’t wait to see how this plays out… hope you get to post another update soon ;p

ilovemysteries on Chapter 98

Was super excited to know about the chapter update, via FB. And my fanfic Marie status. Was able to finish it today. And it leaves me wanting more. I can’t wait to see where this is going. It still has me hooked. Glad your back. I hope your back for good. And will keep my eyes out for the next installment. Thanks for taking time to share your musings with us

Ilm. Marie



Thoughts 8/13 this fic has been one of my favorite stories and i have been following it since i began reading fan fiction, (there were quite a few chapters already ‘banked’ before i started and since i didn’t keep ‘much’ in the way of notes prior to online publication there isn’t much here… but that is because the original notes were kept in one big word document and needed to stay within one printable page… the notes have taken on a whole new life now.. they include more in depth notes, some chapter updated dates, links… and even review & PMS… but i digress… this fic has been a top fave of mine and will continue to be. I pounce on new updates, i cant wait for more to this story…and i do hope the writer updates soon 🙂

Notes Last Updated 8/20/13

an original note…posted here  Jan 8, 2012

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