Dead – Lost Fics

posted originally in 2011: we have found some fics and instead of taking them off this list to place them on others they will be in 2 locations here on the dead page, with their new information, and on their page/post (whichever applies) and its possible that the post Lost & Found- *Story Title* is still listed under the Posts: Lost & Found…

Fics That Vanished & Why

Some/Most of the Story Synopsis’s are compiled from different sites from other readers




BlackDeadOrchids SVM/TB stories removed from FF for MA content

find her at “” (6/6/12) All Notes on Site Found here ****************************************************************************

confused-bliss –originally known as kinnetic-bliss –  removed TB & SVM  fics no longer writes in that Fandom

(6/4/12 sent pm) Fic Notes Found Here  has an LJ page


Crescere – as of July 2011 no longer writing and profile is empty 😦

Story: life and death are one … No Notes

**************************************************************************** – removed their work from FanFiction it is unknown if they have quit writing Fan Fic or moved to a new location

The Journey by A/H Story… Sookie is married to Alcide, they live in Canada have two children both boys. They go on vacation scuba diving and their boat is hijacked by some drug cartel thugs, who are also holding actor Eric Northman and his brothers. Alcide is killed (shot) while protecting Sookie from being raped. Sookie kills them & Eric falls in love with her though he feels really guilty for the death of her husband.

The Prize by –  A/H Story…Set in 1800’s England, Jason losses his sister hand in a card game. Who wins her as his prize? Who pursues the claim for her? Will she suffer with the loss of her freedom? Or will she fight and win something in return. … – Eric wins sookie in a card game,

The Prize We Pay  A/H Story… sequel to The Prize – after  their children had grown up a bit and they get kidnapped and Sookie stows away and rescues them. ****************************************************************************



RouxRoux has left FF,

Now has her own WP (, LJ, and AoOO. *8/13/12 ****************************************************************************

mikimargs  *8/12/12

Alot like Love by mikimargs

Synopsis from other readers: It’s an E/S all human fic and I *think* it’s set in London. I remember it starts out with Sookie going to a party at Alcide’s & Eric’s (they’re room-mates) and she originally wants to hook up with Alcide but ends up spending the night with Eric (just talking). They end up getting together and then he ends up getting cheating with a girl he used to crush on, he eventually breaks down in guilt while he’s on holiday with Sookie and tells her what happened then she dumps him. I’m pretty sure they end up together in the end though!

A case of you by mikimargs 

Synopsis from other readers: It’s an AH/AU story about S/E growing up together as best friends. They’re relationship changed as they got older: first kiss, first cigarette, basically first everything. Then Eric was sent to boarding school by his father, Miles. Something bad happens to Miles and Eric and his Mom move to California. S/E meet up again in NYC at FAO Swartz (Sookie has custody of Hunter). She is living with Pam and Eric is engaged to Sophie-Anne.





Good girls bad boys by schafer *8/12/12
-sookie and eric like each other, eric goes to prison for nearly killing bill. When he gets out they start writing songs together, but then eric gets a record deal and leaves.


3/13/12 death comes and goes by sunkisz fan fiction

4/27/12 sent pm through FF, received reply but the link was unusable.

6/6/12 found their blog ( left comment…still not the fic I’m looking for


Found Fics:


Story: Chains That Bind  still can’t find writer & story is no longer on FF 😦 

*FOUND March 2012 originally by Twitche  now @ LJ under gibletthegreat (

writer took it down to rewrite for publication and its available on her website as  ’Chains of Cronus’  Fic is still incomplete.

2016 UPDATE  follow link below for latest information on this story

Chains That Bind / Chains of Cronus


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  1. Frist I would like to say I Love your site. I was wondering where I can find moxiemo I was following her stories I even have a pass word to get into her site her stories are so great how do I find her??????

  2. moxiemo (writer of An End Has a Start) now known as random987123 as of 2013

    link ( )

    their fic An End Has a Start has been removed,

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